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Sand filter facility MF 5 (5 ³/h)
halco Kiesfilteranlage
Our eco-friendly compact gravel pack filter plant provides the following advantages .
- Extremely low operating cost
- At least 90 percent of the wash water is efficiently recycled
- Significant reduction of chemicals and consumption of potable water
- Low assembly requirements, as the plant only has to be assembled to the
  existing  lines   
-Compact construction, to be easily integrated into small control or technical rooms
- Exceptionally low maintenance requirements
- Robust construction, stainless steel, providing a high chemical resistance
- Compatible with all current manufacturers of car wash plants
Options (available): 
- Dosage of disinfection - Regulation of conductivity - pH correction  
- Dosage of flocculation - Automatic circulation - Automatic filter cleaning  
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haco Wassertechnikhaco wassertechnik
haco wassertechnikhaco wassertechnik